Make Excellent Voip Calls with Axvoice

If you are looking for some premier VoIP to VoIP service providers, then you could opt for Axvoice, which is growing vast everyday by meeting their existing and potential customers’ demands.  They are very well known for fulfilling their customers’ preferences and for delivering superior quality of VoIP services.  The Axvoice has plans of having several fantabulous attributes in the near future to improvise their services. They offer several calling plans that depend on needs of almost each and every user.

Axvoice VoIP

The Axvoice’s home calling packages are quite affordable and you could select the one that easily benefits your calling requirements. You can enjoy PC to PC call facility at an amazing price of $4.99/ month. They also have several comprehensive calling plans such as residential Canada or USA calling packages that start with $8.25/ month.

The qualities of business phone system have been regenerated with effective VOIP to VOIP plans. You can enhance your business turnover with business VOIP plans offered by the Axvoice. If you are running a small sized company, then the Axvoice small business plans is an ideal choice for you. It allows you to enjoy its economical home office plans at much cheaper rates.

The Axvoice has two inexpensive business VoIP to VoIP calling plans, which can help you to save a huge amount of money while enjoying all the conveniences. The small business plan is available for only $29.99/ month. You will find several essential features in this plan such as free incoming calls and calling minutes, call waiting and caller ID service, online account management and black listing facility. You also get free use to user calls and several other valuable benefits.

The home office plan has been specially designed for those people who are running their small scale business and have a limited budget. This plan includes all the essential features and it is available for only $14.99/month. Some of the features provided by the Axvoice are as follows.

Direct Incoming Calls – One most attractive attribute that comes with astonishing plans offered by the Axvoice PC to PC call is an option to redirect your incoming phone calls to VoIP service. All you need to have is internet service enabled on your computer and subscribe for the Axvoice Voice over IP facility. With the help of this service, you do not have to worry about missing out on your important phone calls even while you are at home.

The Axvoice provides several other amazing features like conference calls, and call blocking that can prove to be most powerful tool for any business organization. You can cut down on unnecessary expenses by availing this facility for your business use. Apart from being cost effective, the Axvoice also assure you proper security measures.

Axvoice VoIP Service

The Axvoice PC to PC call is extremely quick in receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls. You can save your valuable time with several VOIP features such as call return, speed dialing, last number dial, and anonymous call rejection. With all these features, you can stop wasting your time on unwanted things, while working from home or office. This will certainly help you to increase your work efficiency.

RingCentral Review: Small Business Phone System

You’re a small business owner, consultant, or real estate agent, and your business has grown to the point where your mobile phone is not enough — you need a real phone system — capable of taking multiple incoming calls and forwarding them to you (and/or any of your employees), taking a message if you’re busy, etc.

(Skip this review and sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial of RingCentral).

Companies like RingCentral can provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with a Virtual PBX.

A Virtual PBX is, in layman’s terms, “An Invisible Phone System”. It works just like a business-grade phone system you’ve used at your previous employer – but you can’t see the equipment (it’s kept off-site). And it works just like – or even better – than that old phone system: people call your company by dialing one main phone number, and dial an extension to reach your employee(s). What’s different? There’s no installation, no complicated set-up, no box, no lines to install. And RingCentral uses your and your staff’s existing cell phones, home phones, or Voip phones. You pay one low monthly fee (starting at $ 12.99 for 300 minutes of incoming local, long distance or toll-free calls per month). That’s it.

RingCentral Professional - Get a toll free number starting at $9.99/month

I purchased the RingCentral service (which included a Toll Free Number) for one of my companies. Want to know the big improvements it made to my business? Compare “Then” and “Now”:

Then: I had a cell phone, and a separate cell phone for work calls

Now: I have one phone (my cell phone) for all my incoming calls, but two phone numbers: one for work (provided from RingCentral); one for personal calls (my existing cell phone number).


Then: I had to guess who was calling me during the weekends

Now: From Friday at 5:30PM through Monday at 7:45AM, any customer who calls my RingCentral Number is automatically routed directly into a company voice mailbox.


Then: I had to use your precious cell phone minutes to check my voicemail

Now: My voicemail is sent directly and instantly to my email address. I can click, open, and play my message from any computer.


Then: All my staffpeople had to give customers their cell phone numbers, which are all different from my number. Customers would always ask, “Are you guys a real company”?

Now: All my customers call one phone number (plus a 3-digit extension) to reach any of my staffmembers. Their call is forwarded to my staffperson’s own cell phone, seamlessly. My customers think they’re calling a “real” company.


Then: I had to rely on speaking in person to customers, or referring them to my website, to advertise specials and quote prices, or give them directions to my office.

Now: Customers hear, after my main greeting, “Press 4 for Rates; Press 5 for Specials and Promotions; Press 6 for directions”, etc.


Then: My outsourced accountant had his own phone number.

Now: My customers can reach my accountant by dialing your RingCentral, and then by pressing (say) 2 for “Jim Smith”. Oh, Jim keeps his old phone number. He gets incoming calls from my own customers – nothing else changes.


I talk to a lot of other small business owners and entrepreneurs who never heard of RingCentral, and want to know more. Typical questions are:

How does it work, in plain English? Companies like RingCentral own a “Mega” phone system that holds not just your company’s phone system, but hundreds or thousands more. I call it the “Big PBX in the Sky”. RingCentral programs the Big PBX to manage tens of thousands of incoming phone calls at a time, all to different phone numbers. Rest assured, your company’s number and calls are not inadvertently connected to any other companies within the Big PBX.

How do I program it? RingCentral has an easy-to-use web page that lets you add mailboxes/extensions, play and record your greetings, etc. Or you can set it up by using your own phone. I admit, programming RingCentral (which is arguably the easiest to use of all) can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out where you “are” in the set-up menu. Don’t want to bother at all? Just pay RingCentral $50 to record your greetings and voice prompts.

Can I make outbound calls? Technically, yes – you make those calls just as you always have. Services like RingCentral don’t ‘touch’ your outbound calls – it’s for inbound calls only. Note that those inbound minutes probably will impact your/your staff’s cell phone plans, as they will be receiving calls.

Is my RingCentral number a local one? Local numbers are available in most major markets.

My business already has a phone number. Can I transfer it over to RingCentral? Yes (in most cases) – RingCentral will transfer it over for you after you sign up for the service.

Can I get a Toll Free Number or Vanity number? You bet! There’s a promotion now from RingCentral: Get a 1-8xx number for FREE.

So when your company’s growth curve starts to accelerate, consider a phone system like RingCentral. I can’t recommend it enough that you get their free trial. (and check out their FAQ for more ‘plain english’ descriptions of what it can do.)

To sign up for RingCentral’s FREE trial, click here.

Managed partitioning services – Optimal for business use

Several large corporations. Small and medium businesses, on the other hand, are more oriented towards enhancing the scope and the level of their activities. Business owners – with a futuristic vision – are endeavoring to add new services and products; as a matter of fact, it makes perfect business sense for small businesses to diversify their operations to areas where the demand is buoyant.

This fact holds true for the innovative VoIP services and solutions. A new and cost-efficient way to connect and communicate, IP telephony solutions have ushered in a revolution of sorts in the way one can communicate in the present day world. More and more people are realizing the benefits of VoIP services over the traditional modes of communication and there is a growing demand for the same.

And small and medium businesses in different parts of the world are using the managed partitioning services to realize the opportunities in this domain. Managed services have quite a few things going for them. For one, the capital required is quite minimal; businesses do not need to invest astronomical amounts to reap the benefits. Secondly, the risk factor is negligible. A business entity having a large base of customers in one particular geographical domain and a team of marketing professionals can enter the VoIP domain, by subscribing to managed services.

Managed VoIP services are being offered by some reputed service providers. Corporates and SMBs can make the most of these offers and enter the lucrative sector of IP telephony. They can use the VoIP switches, leased out by the service providers, and offer high-end services to their customers. The monthly rentals for using the switches are very much affordable. Moreover, the corporates users also do not have any responsibility towards maintaining the switches that are being leased out to them.

What to Look For In VoIP Solution

The reason VoIP solutions are so popular is that they are extremely cost-effective drastically reducing the monthly phone bill as well as being extremely affordable. Many people have heard of the VoIP services and want to subscribe to a VoIP service provider but do not know what to look for in VoIP solution. This article provides tips on what to look for in VoIP solution.

You can get VoIP solution with cheap price by comparing offers from different VoIP provides online.

Things to Consider While Selecting A VoIP Solution

- Determine if you need a software based VoIP solution or a hardware based solution.

- Some services offer both software and hardware solutions. Many people prefer hardware based solutions as they work with an existing telephone system. Vonage and Earthlink offer hardware based VoIP solutions while Yahoo and Google offer software based services. Skype and Glophone offer both kinds of solutions. You may also add soft phones to existing hardware VoIP solutions. So select the kind of VoIP solution that you like.

- Determine if you will go for a cable, satellite or independent VoIP service provider. Compare the rates, the features and services offered. It definitely will work out cheaper than a traditional phone line but there is a considerable difference among the various categories, so compare prices and their features, the activation charges, routers that may be needed, the broadband connection charges etc.

- Look out for a VoIP solution that offers a virtual number. Opt for a virtual number as it gives you freedom, you are not bound by any geographic area code. You may choose to get a NYC number even though you are in Los Angeles and make “local” calls to your friends in NYC.

- If your broadband connection is a DSL connection you may be forced to buy a VoIP solution that they offer which is not one of your choice.

- Many VoIP solutions offer services such as Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID Block, Call Rejection, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Redial, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Directory Assistance, Emergency Calling Service, and Speed Dial.

- Look out for VoIP solutions that offer portability. Those that allow you to carry the adaptor anywhere around the world will be a boon to frequent business travelers.

- Make sure both the VoIP solution as well as the broadband are reliable as outages may not make your VoIP experience as optimal as they should be.

- Look out for a firm that has excellent customer support 24/7 as well as one that helps you with installation and upgrading etc.

- Look out for VoIP solution providers that offer services such as e911 and 411.

For those who wonder what to look for in VoIP solution, a piece of advice is to be sure you watch out for firms that offer multiple lines, handsets and sufficient bandwidth. These are the tips on offer for what to look for in VoIP solution.

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