You’re a small business owner, consultant, or real estate agent, and your business has grown to the point where your mobile phone is not enough — you need a real phone system — capable of taking multiple incoming calls and forwarding them to you (and/or any of your employees), taking a message if you’re busy, etc.

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Companies like RingCentral can provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with a Virtual PBX.

A Virtual PBX is, in layman’s terms, “An Invisible Phone System”. It works just like a business-grade phone system you’ve used at your previous employer – but you can’t see the equipment (it’s kept off-site). And it works just like – or even better – than that old phone system: people call your company by dialing one main phone number, and dial an extension to reach your employee(s). What’s different? There’s no installation, no complicated set-up, no box, no lines to install. And RingCentral uses your and your staff’s existing cell phones, home phones, or Voip phones. You pay one low monthly fee (starting at $ 12.99 for 300 minutes of incoming local, long distance or toll-free calls per month). That’s it.

RingCentral Professional - Get a toll free number starting at $9.99/month

I purchased the RingCentral service (which included a Toll Free Number) for one of my companies. Want to know the big improvements it made to my business? Compare “Then” and “Now”:

Then: I had a cell phone, and a separate cell phone for work calls

Now: I have one phone (my cell phone) for all my incoming calls, but two phone numbers: one for work (provided from RingCentral); one for personal calls (my existing cell phone number).


Then: I had to guess who was calling me during the weekends

Now: From Friday at 5:30PM through Monday at 7:45AM, any customer who calls my RingCentral Number is automatically routed directly into a company voice mailbox.


Then: I had to use your precious cell phone minutes to check my voicemail

Now: My voicemail is sent directly and instantly to my email address. I can click, open, and play my message from any computer.


Then: All my staffpeople had to give customers their cell phone numbers, which are all different from my number. Customers would always ask, “Are you guys a real company”?

Now: All my customers call one phone number (plus a 3-digit extension) to reach any of my staffmembers. Their call is forwarded to my staffperson’s own cell phone, seamlessly. My customers think they’re calling a “real” company.


Then: I had to rely on speaking in person to customers, or referring them to my website, to advertise specials and quote prices, or give them directions to my office.

Now: Customers hear, after my main greeting, “Press 4 for Rates; Press 5 for Specials and Promotions; Press 6 for directions”, etc.


Then: My outsourced accountant had his own phone number.

Now: My customers can reach my accountant by dialing your RingCentral, and then by pressing (say) 2 for “Jim Smith”. Oh, Jim keeps his old phone number. He gets incoming calls from my own customers – nothing else changes.


I talk to a lot of other small business owners and entrepreneurs who never heard of RingCentral, and want to know more. Typical questions are:

How does it work, in plain English? Companies like RingCentral own a “Mega” phone system that holds not just your company’s phone system, but hundreds or thousands more. I call it the “Big PBX in the Sky”. RingCentral programs the Big PBX to manage tens of thousands of incoming phone calls at a time, all to different phone numbers. Rest assured, your company’s number and calls are not inadvertently connected to any other companies within the Big PBX.

How do I program it? RingCentral has an easy-to-use web page that lets you add mailboxes/extensions, play and record your greetings, etc. Or you can set it up by using your own phone. I admit, programming RingCentral (which is arguably the easiest to use of all) can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out where you “are” in the set-up menu. Don’t want to bother at all? Just pay RingCentral $50 to record your greetings and voice prompts.

Can I make outbound calls? Technically, yes – you make those calls just as you always have. Services like RingCentral don’t ‘touch’ your outbound calls – it’s for inbound calls only. Note that those inbound minutes probably will impact your/your staff’s cell phone plans, as they will be receiving calls.

Is my RingCentral number a local one? Local numbers are available in most major markets.

My business already has a phone number. Can I transfer it over to RingCentral? Yes (in most cases) – RingCentral will transfer it over for you after you sign up for the service.

Can I get a Toll Free Number or Vanity number? You bet! There’s a promotion now from RingCentral: Get a 1-8xx number for FREE.

So when your company’s growth curve starts to accelerate, consider a phone system like RingCentral. I can’t recommend it enough that you get their free trial. (and check out their FAQ for more ‘plain english’ descriptions of what it can do.)

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