If you have ever considered turning your computer into a phone then you might want to think about it twice because as cool as the idea is, the truth of the matter is that it is not very practical and the fees might be a little bit higher than you would expect.

Everyday millions of people use the phone in order to get in touch with their families around the world and the reason they continue to do so is not because they want to keep using this form of communication but because nothing better has come out and replaced this old alternative.

In the late 90s the concept of chatting was in a real boom, people from different countries began using the Internet in order to communicate with one another and a few years later just what everyone thought that they had seen the last innovation as far as web communication, voice over IP was introduced.

The very first form of voice over IP communication employed the very same method of turning data into packets of information and right back into data to deliver not only documents but voice and this is when the boom happened. A few months after voice over IP was introduced for free by several messaging companies and applications such as the Windows messenger which is known today as the Windows live messenger, millions and millions of people began using these applications as a replacement to their existing method of communication.

Sometime after P2P communication had caught on many companies decided to jump on the voice over IP bandwagon with the hopes of monetizing this untapped market but there was a real problem with this business plan because not many countries and users had the hardware necessary to run PC to phone communications. The whole process requires for the computer to take the user’s voice and convert it into packets of data which are then sent through the phone lines and into a computer server which then makes the connection with the end-user and as you can imagine having an intermediary in the whole process is not the best way to go about it because as many users noticed there was a lag which made it hard for people to communicate with each other, but not only that, many people started to complain about sound quality which is not an unexpected thing because the conversion from a modem and into a server and from the server to the phone will not be able to beat the quality of sound a land line set up can provide.

To top it all, the costs associated with making a PC to phone call are way higher than people would like for instance, if you were to get $.15 per minute with your local phone company or with a phone calling card then you would have to double that rate in order to match what PC to phone companies were and have been charging.

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