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Cheap calls to India: A dream that has come true!

Cheap VoIP calls to India are no longer a dream for people as VoIP technology is there to take care of people who are hunting for a cheaper source of calling. This has indeed been of huge advantage who ned to frequently call to the places in Pakistan.

Even though world has made rapid strides in the technology segment, staying connected still costs quite a lot for people who stay far from their closed ones. Though if one goes in line with the statements from the people who are responsible for incorporating latest technologies into the society, the world is converging into a small village, and that is so correct but the complete truth is far more uncomfortable than this.

Calling cost are yet to drop to a point when they can be actually called as the fourth basic necessity for a human being to live. With people shuttling across their native and their professional places, for education, travel, business and others quite frequently, staying in touch on regular basis has become quite a necessity for people living in the modern-day society. But what about those who live in the foreign lands and are faced with the same problem?

Certainly, this is an issue that cannot be neglected since for students especially, the situation really gets quite difficult as they get stuck in between meeting their daily expenditure and this additional expenses in the form of calling.

Calling rates in UK, USA are quite high and thus creates a severe pressure on the limited budgets of people living abroad, far from their native place sending their plans to calling back to India, crashing.

With the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) into the communication scene, calling rates have dropped down dramatically, attracting the customers from all walks of life and prompting them to go for it. This has certainly created an unlikely competitor for the likes of mobile and landlines telecom service providers who until now were taking advantage of their monopolistic position resulting into frustration and causing inconvenience to the customers who in turn have now fed up with the available services which always claim of cheaper call rates but that never turns out.

So if one has to look out for cheap VoIP calls to India, they can always rely on this revolutionary technology that promises to deliver goods every time one uses it. What more, as a user, you don’t have to worry about complex call tariff, roaming hassles, service standard as this is one communication feature that let people forget about everything else and focus on dialogue itself.

The best part is that calling at odd hours will let the users have an access to special discounted calling tariff making it a value for money service and that’s not all, whatever be the location or the place where you have called (and that is anywhere in the globe) will not let the distance factor hamper your dialogue session. Even the recharge or the so-called top-ups are readily available Online, cutting the work down to almost nothing. Thus, cheap VoIP calls to India are no longer a distant dream but an approaching reality that are only a hand away from you.

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We never use our house phone line, but we keep it because there’s a call box to our building and when people want to be let in, the call box calls us and we hit ’9′ to let visitors in. The call box will work with a VOIP service, but we don’t want to pay a monthly fee more than a few bucks. So, we want to replace our service with VOIP, but it has to be reliable (and easy to set up) enough to ensure we’ll always know when someone is at our gate. Thanks!

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Enjoy benefits of cheap VoIP calls

The world has come closer because of various communication devices like telephone, mobiles, Television, Radio, Computers and Internet. Now people acknowledge events taking place in different parts of world while sitting at home. Human being has made this great achievement by scientific progress and modern technology. Now people are moving to distant countries in search of better education, jobs and business ventures. Students want to pursue education from top institutions of the world. Business companies want to establish themselves globally. People visit other countries to get knowledge about those countries and to have tour of wonderful destinations. All these migration processes need strong and cheap communication mediums to link people away from their home to their relatives and friends. There are communication mediums which can connect people present in two different countries of the world within seconds. But because of huge requirements of calling, these services are not cheaper. Thanks to VoIP which arrived in right time and lowered down the calling costs. A person can make free or cheap international calls with the help of VoIP. VoIP is an internet protocol that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP transfer voice data from one system to another. A person can do free international voice chat on Yahoo or can use Skype to make free international calls. VoIP services has provided facilities of PC to PC and PC to Mobile calling. A person can also convert landline phone to VoIP phone by taking services of any popular VoIP provider. Observing the growing popularity of VoIP calls, VoIP providers has come up with unlimited calling plans. These calling plans are designed to meet requirement of various categories of VoIP users. VoIP users can be classified as Individuals, Small sized business companies, Medium sized business companies and Large sized business companies. If you are searching for a plan suitable to your calling needs, you can login to Youtring. com. This site offers you calling plans from any part of the world to any other part. Some VoIP companies has launched VoIP calling softwares. These softwares are easy to install on computers and have proved immensely beneficial for companies. These softwares reduced the calling costs of companies and helped them to keep a track of their calls. The audio quality of VoIP calls are same as that of normal landline calls. VoIP services has many advantages over normal landline services. VoIP offers many value added services free of cost which are charged when used on landline services. These services are three way calling, call waiting, call transferring, call conferencing and Caller’s ID. VoIP services have gifted people cheap calls and enabled them to connect to their near and dear ones living far away and spend unlimited happy hours with them on phone. This has also made roads easier for companies who want to flourish in foreign countries.

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Skype is a proprietary peer-to-peer Internet telephony (VoIP) network. It has achieved rapid growth in usage and software development since its launching, both of its free and its paid services. The Skype network can scale very easily to large sizes just over hundred million users without an intricate and exorbitant centralized infrastructure. It is free in the beta phase. Skype is a prominent VoIP category product worldwide, with near sixty million people are registered to use Skype’s free services. Moreover, more than three million people using Skype concurrently at any one time. Every Skype user must have the Skype software downloaded on his computer. This software is currently available free of charge but the software is proprietary.
The security of internet communication has become an issue therefore, people are more aware and want secure communication feature in the products they use. Skype is well designed to automatically encrypt calls, file transfers and chats before sending it through the internet. All Skype traffic is encrypted by default and the user cannot turn it off. There are some flaws in security especially in the area of the global Skype network that is, searches for contacts, and connection via supernodes, are trusted without asking for authentication. You can use the system without revealing your identity to other users of the system, but also you have no authenticity that the person you communicate with is the one they say they are in real life.
User can make free calls with the Skype PC-to-PC calls over the Internet to anyone else who also has Skype. All you need is a PC microphone and speakers or a basic USB headset, PC running Windows 2000 or XP required for video call, a web cam, if you want to make video calls. Broadband connection is best through cable service.
Skype has added innovative features that are quality-rich. There is a facility to search the Skype database, so that you are able to build a list of contacts. When you have people on your list, you can see if they’re online, offline, busy or not sitting at their computer right now. Importing contacts is the facility that allows you to find people among your contacts who are already on Skype. SkypeOut is a cheap way to use your computer to call landlines and mobile phones all over the world. SkypeIn is a number your friends can call from any phone. Skype Voicemail takes your calls when you are busy or offline; skype SMS gets you in touch with friends instantly when they are not online. However, free features are: Call anyone else using Skype, throughout the world. You can have a group-chat with up to hundred people as well as conference calling with up to four people simultaneously. However, there are some limitations with the use of skype system. It is totally computer-dependent and caters to computer consumers, the calls made to landlines are of low quality and Skype does not offer much calling features.

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