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Hello katybug,
Thanks for your reply. But using Skype we need to pay money for landline calls. I am looking for phone-to-phone free calling service using VoIP. Is Ipvani is ok for this. If go with Vonage monthly charges are there. Please let me know on this, Once again thanks for your resply


Drastically Cut the Cost of International Calls

Save over 88% on International Calls from Your Iphone using the Call Global App. Call Global is not a VOIP application; all calls are place over phone lines, just like your normal phone calls. So unlike applications like Skype, Call Global can be used absolutely anywhere and all the phone calls are crystal clear. Users will receive a free $2.00 balance with the free download! So not only are you getting the app for free, your first few international phone calls are free too

I have verizon land line with unlimited nationwide and canada calling plan. I want to put a block on other international calls. is there a code or lock that i can put to block 011 calls from my land line verizon.

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Calling India from theUnited States requires first dialing zero-one-one, followed by the country code of 91. Make a phone call to India with tips from a full-service travel agent in this free video on international phone calls.

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