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I can make out going calls to another pc but when they try to call my pc it will not ring this end nothing happens. why is this?

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Setting up my headset (or alternative usb phone set option) is probably easy for most of you!

Can someone tell me the best or most efficient way to connect my headset (with mic) to a new computer?

Alternatively I have a telephone with a usb plug that I could install using one of my spare usb ports. There is an installation cd for this device.

Which method (or other method) should I be using ? What’s the easiest way.


i have been using my pc to make my outgoing phone calls how can i get a phone number for mobile and land phones to be able to cal me back through my pc?

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I connect to Yahoo messenger through a proxy server and am unable to make free pc to pc calls and also not able to go to any chat rooms. the call button is not highlighted and when I try to get into chat line I get a message “signing in to Yahoo chat took longer than expected”. I am in a serious trouble.

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