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With the tremendous advancement in telecommunication and information technology, communication gap between people have been reduced. Today, VoIP has set a new trend in communication and adds color to everyone’s life. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol that enables teleconferencing, telephony and voice instant messaging, and other data transmission through Internet. VoIP phones are wireless IP phones that can be carried wherever you go. Wireless VoIP phones do not require a PSTN (Public Switched Telephonic Network) to control and manage call records as they completely rely on Internet for transmission of data.

Most of the VoIP phones available in the market come with advanced features, including call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, and three-way calling features. Improve your wireless VoIP phones performance with a range of VoIP phones accessories that include IP expansion modules, data cables, splitters, microphones, headsets, and others. All these VoIP phone accessories enable a clear and better communication.

VoIP Phones Accessories: • IP Expansion Modules: Expansion modules come with advanced user interface and call handling facilities. This enables to monitor simultaneous calls that come every day as it has call appearance, speed dial options displayed on the screen. Calls can be swapped or declined or put on hold by seeing the display. These modules provide an easy transition from traditional PBX features and functionality into the world of Voice over IP.

• Data Cables: Data cables enable data and power connectivity to the wireless VoIP phones thereby processing data transmission. You can also update data, phone book, email, and much more to your VoIP phone via data cables.

• Splitters: Splitters are very essential as they play a key role in telephonic conferences. They have two filters separating the two signals being transmitted simultaneously. You will find a wide variety of splitters that will meet all your requirements.

• Microphones: Microphones are used in USB VoIP phones, so that voice calling is enabled through them. Microphones and headsets together constitute the voice chat that sends and receives signal respectively.

Cheap VoIP Phone Recommendation?

Hi guys,

I’m looking for an inexpensive corded VoIP phone for my home office that supports SIP. I’ve been using an old Cisco 7905G with SIP firmware but I’m concerned about security considering that it’s REAAALLLY old and has been unsupported for several years.

I don’t need anything fancy. Just a standard 1/2 line corded phone with basic features (hold, transfer, conference, etc). Ideally, I’d like to spend 50-60 bucks at most. Used equipment is OK.

Any recommendations?

Thanks for your time and patience.


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What You Should Know About VoIP Phones

VoIP phones are the phones used with Voice over Internet Protocol technology. VoIP is the technology used to transmit audio as data or Packets over the Internet to either a computer user or to a landline telephone. VoIP is increasing in popularity, as it is highly valued for its great quality, low cost, and incredible features. VoIP is gaining respect, as a viable solution for business needs as well. VoIP will allow long distance calls for either free or for just pennies compared to traditional phone services.

There are many different ways to use VoIP. For some services you will need a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, an Instant Messaging program, speakers, a microphone, a phone adapter for converting standard telephones into VoIP phones, or a VoIP phone.

When using VoIP services, you can simply use a microphone and speakers to communicate with your caller. You need a High Speed Internet connection to allow for your calls to be in real time, and you will also need a soundboard and computer that is up to date with VoIP technology.

You can also use VoIP technology by using Instant Messaging services that have voice options enabled. These include Yahoo Messenger with Voice, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, and even Google has started their own VoIP messenger. To use these VoIP messengers you will need a microphone and speakers connected to your computer.

VoIP phone adapters are another means of communicating with VoIP. A VoIP phone adapter will connect between your standard telephones, and your Internet modem. Your phone adapter will come with installation and user instructions. Generally, you will need to power off your computer, then connect the adapter to your Internet modem and then plug your telephone into the adapter’s phone jack. Power everything back up and you should be good to use your phone. You will need to make sure that you have VoIP service previously installed.

You can also purchase a VoIP phone, specifically designed for use with your VoIP service. VoIP phones come in both corded and cordless forms. VoIP corded phones come with many features. You can purchase a desktop phone that includes speakerphone, Call Waiting, Hold, Speed Dial, Transfer, and programmable keys such as Menu, Dial, Volume, Transfer, Cancel, and Headset or Speaker mode.

You can also purchase a 2 line VoIP corded telephone. Some of the features that come with a phone like this include Three Way Conferencing, phone to phone, or phone to PC, or phone to gateway direct dial. These phones are perfect for small businesses or for use in the home office.

Another popular choice in VoIP phones is the cordless VoIP phone. These cordless VoIP phones are not the same as VoIP wireless or VoWi FI phones. VoIP phones are similar to cordless standard phones. They will work in your house, but not outside, apart from your basic VoIP service.

There is another option and that is called VoWiFi. VoWiFi stands for Voice over Wireless Fidelity. This is the use of VoIP over a wireless connection. A VoWiFi phone operates by using a wireless network’s access point. The advantages of using VoWiFi, is that you can easily pick up network signals or “hotspots” for free. However, VoWiFi will not work if it is out of a wireless range, and immediately you will be terminated from your call. If you have a wireless network that you are local to, you will find VoWiFi to be a great advantage and extremely cost effective.

Because of issues with network connectivity, there are Hybrid phones available. A hybrid is a cross between a cellular phone and VoWiFi. A Hybrid will place your call when you are in your cellular network range, and then, to prevent roaming charges, can pick up free VoWiFi by entering a hotspot. This is a great combination of two technologies and time will tell where the hybrid phone will evolve in the future.

One thing is certain; VoIP is an advancement in telecommunications that is here to stay. Whether you use your computer, and Internet Messaging program, a VoIP phone adapter, VoIP cordless or corded phones, VoWiFi or Hybrids the future points to VoIP as the telecommunication method of choice.