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Managed partitioning services – Optimal for business use

Several large corporations. Small and medium businesses, on the other hand, are more oriented towards enhancing the scope and the level of their activities. Business owners – with a futuristic vision – are endeavoring to add new services and products; as a matter of fact, it makes perfect business sense for small businesses to diversify their operations to areas where the demand is buoyant.

This fact holds true for the innovative VoIP services and solutions. A new and cost-efficient way to connect and communicate, IP telephony solutions have ushered in a revolution of sorts in the way one can communicate in the present day world. More and more people are realizing the benefits of VoIP services over the traditional modes of communication and there is a growing demand for the same.

And small and medium businesses in different parts of the world are using the managed partitioning services to realize the opportunities in this domain. Managed services have quite a few things going for them. For one, the capital required is quite minimal; businesses do not need to invest astronomical amounts to reap the benefits. Secondly, the risk factor is negligible. A business entity having a large base of customers in one particular geographical domain and a team of marketing professionals can enter the VoIP domain, by subscribing to managed services.

Managed VoIP services are being offered by some reputed service providers. Corporates and SMBs can make the most of these offers and enter the lucrative sector of IP telephony. They can use the VoIP switches, leased out by the service providers, and offer high-end services to their customers. The monthly rentals for using the switches are very much affordable. Moreover, the corporates users also do not have any responsibility towards maintaining the switches that are being leased out to them.

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What to Look For In VoIP Solution

The reason VoIP solutions are so popular is that they are extremely cost-effective drastically reducing the monthly phone bill as well as being extremely affordable. Many people have heard of the VoIP services and want to subscribe to a VoIP service provider but do not know what to look for in VoIP solution. This article provides tips on what to look for in VoIP solution.

You can get VoIP solution with cheap price by comparing offers from different VoIP provides online.

Things to Consider While Selecting A VoIP Solution

- Determine if you need a software based VoIP solution or a hardware based solution.

- Some services offer both software and hardware solutions. Many people prefer hardware based solutions as they work with an existing telephone system. Vonage and Earthlink offer hardware based VoIP solutions while Yahoo and Google offer software based services. Skype and Glophone offer both kinds of solutions. You may also add soft phones to existing hardware VoIP solutions. So select the kind of VoIP solution that you like.

- Determine if you will go for a cable, satellite or independent VoIP service provider. Compare the rates, the features and services offered. It definitely will work out cheaper than a traditional phone line but there is a considerable difference among the various categories, so compare prices and their features, the activation charges, routers that may be needed, the broadband connection charges etc.

- Look out for a VoIP solution that offers a virtual number. Opt for a virtual number as it gives you freedom, you are not bound by any geographic area code. You may choose to get a NYC number even though you are in Los Angeles and make “local” calls to your friends in NYC.

- If your broadband connection is a DSL connection you may be forced to buy a VoIP solution that they offer which is not one of your choice.

- Many VoIP solutions offer services such as Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID Block, Call Rejection, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Redial, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Directory Assistance, Emergency Calling Service, and Speed Dial.

- Look out for VoIP solutions that offer portability. Those that allow you to carry the adaptor anywhere around the world will be a boon to frequent business travelers.

- Make sure both the VoIP solution as well as the broadband are reliable as outages may not make your VoIP experience as optimal as they should be.

- Look out for a firm that has excellent customer support 24/7 as well as one that helps you with installation and upgrading etc.

- Look out for VoIP solution providers that offer services such as e911 and 411.

For those who wonder what to look for in VoIP solution, a piece of advice is to be sure you watch out for firms that offer multiple lines, handsets and sufficient bandwidth. These are the tips on offer for what to look for in VoIP solution.

The Various VOIP Software

When people refer to the various VoIP software they may be referring to many different packages such as VoIP PBX, Software phones, Gateways, Gatekeepers and software development libraries etc.


There are many VoIP PBX systems such as Asterisk, Free Switch, Gnu Bayonne, Open PBX, 2N NETSTAR Communication system, 2N Omega IP PBX: VoIP PBX system, 2N VoiceBlue Enterprise: Simple VoIP SIP PBX, 3Com, 3CX Phone System, Active Telecom, Advoco NetPBX, ATcom, CallButler, Call Center Technology, Cameronet, CenIP, Converge, Pandora Networks, Partysip, Patton SIPxNANO, pbxnsip, PBXpress, Pingtel, Power Systems, RadiusCat RADIUS Billing Software, etc.

Asterisk is Linux based software that can VoIP over three protocols. It can integrate with any telephone system using inexpensive hardware. It provides services such as voicemail, directory services, caller ID, 3-way calling, call queuing, interactive voice response, call conferencing etc. it uses the Inter-Asterisk eXchange to merge voice and data seamlessly across various networks.

Free Switch is written in C that makes it easy to build an open source PBX system. Gnu Bayonne uses hardware from Voicetronix, Dialogic, Aculab, CAPI drivers, and Quicklink drivers supports IVR scripting. Open PBX is a Linux based open Source Private Branch Exchange System. This type is one of the various VoIP software found.

Software Phones

There are many free software phones available such as voice only and voice and video. There are USB phone sets that can be used with software phones too. some of the available soft phones are AdoreSoftphone, ArrowPhone H.323, 3CX VoIP Phone, ActXPhone, AdoreInfotech Customizable, Advanced Dialer H.323, AGEphone, Articulation, Belco Softphone, BOL, BonePhone, broad-tel.com MP3 softphone, CornfedSIPUA, Corraleta Technology,CounterPath, CPhone: H.323 Multi-platform, Cubix, Dialexia, Diamondcard.us, Ekiga: SIP, H.323 audio and video softphone, ENUM RTC Softphone Windows Softphone with ENUM support, Ephone etc.


isdnh323 is Linux based gateway software that permits ISDN and H.323 users to establish connections. ISDN users can call H.323users directly. It supports 3 H.323 codecs and offers a least cost router. PSTNGw is a H.323 to PSTN gateway. The SIP Residential Gateway enables users to make calls between SIP and PSTN users. This is another example of the various VoIP software in the market.


The OpenH323 Gatekeeper is a H.323 gatekeeper that can form a free VoIP system. It supports Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris based systems. OpenGatekeeper supports H.323 gatekeeper functions and supports Linux, FreeBSD and Win32 platforms.

VoIP Software Development Libraries

Yate supports VoIP and PSTN; it can easily unify voice, and video, data and instant messaging to maximize effeciency and significantly reduce costs. It is used to build VoIP server, IVR engine, Call center server, SIP router, SIP registration server, VoIP to PSTN gateway, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC gateway, H.323 gatekeeper, H.323 multiple endpoint server etc. PJSIP is extremely portable, with great power savings and many other attractive features.

Basics of VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems or Voice over Internet Protocol is the most technically advanced phone systems available. Instead of using traditional phone lines, calls are processed over a computer network. PC to PC telephony is much cheaper than traditional phone line calls, and the audio quality of the VoIP calls have improved tremendously in recent years.

Getting a VoIP phone system is now cheap and easy. You can compare offers from many VoIP providers online and get one that suits your needs.

Components of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP at its simplest form consists of a regular phone connection, an adapter, broadband internet connection and a subscription to a VoIP service provider. Calls made are translated as data over the internet until they reach some point near their destination where they are converted into a regular call format that is carried by traditional phone lines. This has helped subscribers immensely as the costs of long-distance and international calls have been declined dramatically.

Many businesses have resorted to using VoIP phone systems to route internal calls over their computer network, being able to link their offices that are to be found in any remote corner of the world, eliminating long distance call rates.

How Does It Work?

As calls are translated into data and carried over the internet and then re-converted into audio formats certain devices are necessary to process call such as a call management system such as an IP PBX or internet protocol private branch exchange, a phone connection, intranet or computer network. The device ensures that calls within the offices are carried over the network where as calls outside the office, are routed to regular public telephone network. Most VoIP phone systems are designed over a web interface that is managed by an administrator. Seamless call transfers, extension dialing, plus the fact that all offices can share a receptionist make VoIP phone systems very popular.

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VoIP phone systems also have features such as a common auto-attendant, voice mail system, caller ID and call forwarding etc. VoIP phone systems have certain limitations owing to network requirements; they may require constant monitoring and may require frequent updates and upgrades. Another limitation is the possibilities of power outages or server crashes. It is one of the reasons why most firms have a mix of digital phones and VoIP phone systems.

The fact that millions of dollars can be saved by using VoIP phone systems has made them an invaluable asset to firms with offices in different corners of the world. Selecting the right VoIP phone system as well as selecting the right reseller who is authorized by the manufacturer is one criterion that has to be considered while shopping for VoIP phone systems.

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