Cheap VoIP – Are You Getting The Most Out of Your VoIP service?

If you are like most people, then you probably have heard of something called VoIP or voice over Internet protocol. The name may sound very technical but really, it is simply using the Internet to transmit a message from your end to the other party. Does it sound familiar? Maybe that’s because it sounds a lot like email or instant messaging– only, you can actually listen to the message being said.

The nature of VoIP has actually allowed the slashing of phone call bills to more than half of what it used to be. This is because there is less physical effort and resources needed to maintain the system and to make a call possible. There is no wonder then that VoIP service providers are coming up left and right offering the newest features at very low prices.

While that may sound great at the start, choosing a VoIP service simply on the basis of it being cheap may become a source of regret and aggravation in the long run. So when choosing a VoIP service, try to balance affordability with functionality.

The thing about most VoIP services is that they astound you with so many cool features that you tend to overlook the fact that you may not actually use those features on a regular basis. So it is best to keep a steady picture of what you need, rather than on what you want.

Now that you’ve been made aware of how to approach choosing a VoIP service, here’s a lowdown of what is out there and how they can address your communication needs. When it comes to such VoIP services, the usual suspects are Vonage, Packet 8, VoicePulse and VoiceStick. They vary in the features they carry as well as in price. A quick comparison follows for you to evaluate what you really need and what you would like to have:


Software-based VoIP is easily the cheapest variant of VoIP service because it requires little more than a computer and a Internet connection (which you may already have). Besides Skype, which is more known for its free use, VoiceStick comes as a software VoIP paid subscription. The others are hardware-based VoIP.

Standard call features

Things like caller ID, call waiting and forwarding, voicemail, as well as 3-way calling, are basic features to most VoIP services. If you find a service provider that compromises on these features, then they most likely make up for it with the cost of subscription.

Optional call features

Anything from DISA (which allows you to call into and out of a system from any number) to fax capabilities are added options that can either give you greater functionality or a bigger monthly bill. Choose if these features are something that can help you with your work. If it does, then by all means avail of them.

Now comes the price. The figures mentioned here work from a previous listing and so the package prices may change. To confirm these prices, consult the service provider’s official website or contact them directly for an updated quote.

Cheapest monthly plan

So far, the cheapest monthly plan goes to VoiceStick because it is a software VoIP. But among the hardware-based players, VoicePulse is the cheapest with just under $15 a month. The package features unlimited local calls and 200 minutes for long distance calls.

Signup costs

Before you can begin your VoIP subscription, most service providers charge a one-time signup fee. Among the listed providers, VoicePulse costs the most at $40 while the rest charge only $30.

International call rates

You probably chose a VoIP to save up on long distance calls, so might as well choose a provider that can give you the best rates for calls made to different countries. Among the three hardware-based players, Packet 8 gives the cheapest rates per minute to countries such as the U.K., Australia and Beijing. Of course, given its software nature, VoiceStick still leads overall with under 2 cents per minute to the same countries.

This information has been given to you as a means to get started on exploring the right VoIP service for you. A cheap VoIP service can save you a few dollars a month, but if it does not give you the full benefits and functionality the VoIP offers, then you may want to rethink going simply for what costs the least.

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