People always move from country to country. They cannot remain at a particular place for a long time. India is one of those countries all over the world which sends a huge number of students every year to abroad for higher studies. Students staying abroad do remember their homeland, especially their parents and friends. The long distance, however, stands as the barrier between them and their loved ones.

This long distance prevent students from making frequent visits to their home. The cost of the air tickets cannot be endured as they are very costly. The alternate option which can diminish this heartache is to make phone calls. But making international or ISD calls would definitely cost a deep wallet.

But, now no more long waiting for international students to speak to their near and dear ones! They should immediately go for cheap VoIP calls as many telecommunications companies in India are offering cheap VoIP services.

The current VoIP calls can reduce the ISD calls’ bills approximately by 90%. Computers and mobiles are almost used in all advanced countries and international students can easily get access to VoIP service. There are many telecommunications companies which give special offers to international students for making extra free calls.

If the international students take these offers then they need not to wait for long to speak to their near and dear ones. As they have to pay less amount of money while making cheap VoIP calls, they can save the rest of the money as their pocket money.

Applying for VoIP service is quite easy as it requires only a few documents. Students need to fill up the online application form and instantly, they would be getting a call from the service provider. Apart from personal computers, they can also take these services on their laptops as well as on their mobile phones.

A recent survey has shown that calling plans in India are much cheaper in comparison to other countries but when it comes to cheap VoIP calls to India, then it is much cheaper than other kinds of calling plans in India itself. One can call India with these VoIP plans that mostly come as special and budget-friendly calling plans to India. There are probabilities that these calling plans would further decrease in the near future.

How would students come to know about various offers on cheap VoIP calls to India? To know about the current excellent offers on VoIP calls to India, international students should visit a couple of good websites which are specifically known for telecommunications ads or else they can search on various Internet search engines such as Google and MSN etc.

What kind of equipments do international students need to buy for making cheap VoIP calls? Actually, most of the VoIP service providers provide all the necessary equipments. So, there is no need of worrying about the equipments. Just they need to get in touch with a good VoIP service provider and it would solve all their queries instantly.

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