With the arrival of VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) or Internet telephony, the entire telecommunication process has been revamped through some positive and effective changes. This change has marked a revolution in the area of communication. VoIP allows people to make their calls right through the Internet. One can enjoy complete freedom of choosing the medium to connect as per own convenience. Facility of cheap PC to phone calls, PC to mobiles and landlines, everything is available under one roof. Just fix the PC to a broadband network preferably with high speed so that no connectivity error occurs while making calls. There are many key service providers in this area. Day by day, competition among the operators is increasing at a rapid rate. So, in this situation, to strengthen one’s position in the market, every operator is coming up with attractive plans which can provide the callers the best possible calling rates. Calling through mobiles requires heavy expenditure mainly when it comes to long distance or international calls. And these days, this need is growing at a fast pace. With the impact of globalization, either at personal level or for business networking, people often feel the need for a cheaper way to connect with each other. For international calls, VoIP has many money saving schemes which really make communication easy and beneficial. Some of the leading VoIP operators such as SkyPe, YouTring are full of cost effective calling plans to facilitate cheap connectivity. For instance, YouTring is presently offering a plan under which VoIP calls to India can be enjoyed at a very cheap rate unlike traditional calls. There are many operators which give free trial period so that subscribers can be sure of the service. Other than this, there are many calling plans which reduce the costs of calling to some specific countries. Once, you opt for these plans, it becomes really easy to make calls to those destinations which far away and still calls have to made to all those places. Apart from this VoIP is also helpful in saving the roaming charges as the VoIP number is attached to the person not to place. So, once you have the connection of internet telephony available with you, without any hassle calls can be made to any part of the world. Quality of the VoIP is also appreciated by the subscribers. As the calls are transferred through the Internet, it becomes easier to enjoy the conversation in a high quality. Detail information about the plans, are listed on the websites; one just needs to log in to these sites and download all the necessary information. This way, you can freely enjoy calling to anywhere across the globe without taking much tension. Now, you will definitely realise that staying in touch with the loved ones was never so easy.

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