Cheap international calls to India at low rates is a dream come true for many who are abroad due to work or studies and have to connect to their near and dear ones in India. One cannot ignore the contribution of cheap VoIP calls to India from the economic growth perspective either which has brought a change in almost every Indian’s life. The rate at which India’s economy is growing indicates that intrusion of foreign investors has really worked wonders as they have setup industries, production houses, customer care centres in India for their products. This in itself is an achievement for this nation because this is how India’s potential is getting tapped. Now, for example, if a foreign investor is thinking of a project he needs to know the geography that would suit him, he has to speak to land owners, get approval from the government and appoint personnel from India who can carry out the job of setting up the project. For every information the foreign investor needs to speak and be in touch with Indians involved in the project. This act of communication between the two prospects has been made possible by VoIP calls to India. VoIP is the new age communication medium which has introduced the tension-free Internet phone allowing free minutes calls between far-off places. In fact, Internet phone has been one of the major contributions behind success of a business, therefore maximum kudos have been received from business and commerce sector. Calling India is not considered a nightmare as international call services via Internet has reduced charges of making international calls to more than half which is why the load of paying a huge phone bill from the users’ head has been taken off. The users can easily think about making cheap VoIP calls to India for longer hours due to highly minimised call rates. Apart from making VoIP calls to India there are other advantages that this technology offers like call waiting, call conferencing, call scheduling, text message, sending emails, access live chat and even send text messages and that too free of cost. The Voice over IP telephony technology has become boon for those Indians who are residing in different parts of the world. Because, now they can connect to their family members, friends and relatives without ruminating on phone expense. VoIP calls to India are on the run already as service providers are providing broadband connection to customers at very low rates thereby allowing users to receive greater Internet speed. This method in a way is also encouraging the users to use the services of VoIP calls to India. This service is favourable for those who are working or studying abroad but have to be constantly in touch with India. In spite of this the Indian Government is yet to legalise the use of IP phone keeping in mind the huge license fees paid by other operators who did not have the idea of satellite phones coming to rescue customers from huge phone bills. IP phone service providers like Skype, YouTring, Vonage, Orange and many others charge a monthly fee which is a very small amount and rest of the services are given for free. The users can choose from an array of providers by browsing the Internet and even take a trial basis connection to check on the operator services. This means that he can eradicate the connection if it is not feasible for him. The users need to make a note of the Internet speed provided by these service providers and the quality of voice that would get transmitted. The IP phone involves transfer of voice and data so speed and quality cannot be ignored in any case, be it a cheap connection or an expensive one. The services offered by cheap VoIP calls to India cannot be matched with any traditional phone system and major contribution is made in the overall growth of India.

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