The introduction of cheap calling plans under such wonderful internet phone service, has been allowing people to make international calls at low rates without any hurdle. The advanced VoIP technology has been growing day by day due to its digital services which it offers to users, but the calling rates has become one of the main concern of people.   The expensive calling rates has disturbed the monthly financial plan of users, resulted in frustration and tensions. To provide a solution, VoIP service providers has introduced cheap calling plans that has given users a chance to be make calls worldwide at low rates. There are many service providers that has jumped into market and offering their best services in terms of calling deals. There are many changes that has been taking place in calling schemes from time to time. The calling deals are available under various categories, the user can easily search by name such as Asia calling plans, call India, Call Pakistan etc. There are umpteen destinations and with the ease of such calling deals, the user can make cheap calls to any place in the world be it China, Bhutan, Australia, New York etc.   VoIP telephony lets users to utilise  the wonderful benefits of internet calling and stay connected to friends and family. The service providers of VoIP technology has been introducing unlimited calling plans, providing the facilities of free calling so that people can save their hard earn money on telephone bills. Asia is one of the most populous continent, comprises of various countries. As there are number of counties under Asia, so the scope of travel and tourism has been increasing day by day. These days, spending holidays in Abroad is very common or we can say it is a part of fashion. With such desire, people frequently travels to different parts of world that has increased the requirement of calling plans, allowing people to make calls using computer system in a cost effective way. This digital service gives user an opportunity to reach out to a number of people simultaneously using features like call conference, call waiting, call divert, caller ID etc. Service providers offers different kinds of calling schemes as per the concern area. For instance service provider ‘Lingo’ offers unlimited calling plans for  Europe and Asia. There are plans which also offers an unlimited monthly business plans  that too at $49. 95, in which the user can easily make call anyone. Similarly, Skype, Vyke, Yahoo etc. offers plans as per the terms and policies. To avail such facilities, the user need to get registered on service provider’s websites. Calling with this new technology has eliminated all the barriers of international calling. Now, the user can easily make calls under their budget. Now, the user can call India, Call Pakistan, Call Bangladesh etc. without emptying their pockets.

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