If you are looking for some premier VoIP to VoIP service providers, then you could opt for Axvoice, which is growing vast everyday by meeting their existing and potential customers’ demands.  They are very well known for fulfilling their customers’ preferences and for delivering superior quality of VoIP services.  The Axvoice has plans of having several fantabulous attributes in the near future to improvise their services. They offer several calling plans that depend on needs of almost each and every user.

Axvoice VoIP

The Axvoice’s home calling packages are quite affordable and you could select the one that easily benefits your calling requirements. You can enjoy PC to PC call facility at an amazing price of $4.99/ month. They also have several comprehensive calling plans such as residential Canada or USA calling packages that start with $8.25/ month.

The qualities of business phone system have been regenerated with effective VOIP to VOIP plans. You can enhance your business turnover with business VOIP plans offered by the Axvoice. If you are running a small sized company, then the Axvoice small business plans is an ideal choice for you. It allows you to enjoy its economical home office plans at much cheaper rates.

The Axvoice has two inexpensive business VoIP to VoIP calling plans, which can help you to save a huge amount of money while enjoying all the conveniences. The small business plan is available for only $29.99/ month. You will find several essential features in this plan such as free incoming calls and calling minutes, call waiting and caller ID service, online account management and black listing facility. You also get free use to user calls and several other valuable benefits.

The home office plan has been specially designed for those people who are running their small scale business and have a limited budget. This plan includes all the essential features and it is available for only $14.99/month. Some of the features provided by the Axvoice are as follows.

Direct Incoming Calls – One most attractive attribute that comes with astonishing plans offered by the Axvoice PC to PC call is an option to redirect your incoming phone calls to VoIP service. All you need to have is internet service enabled on your computer and subscribe for the Axvoice Voice over IP facility. With the help of this service, you do not have to worry about missing out on your important phone calls even while you are at home.

The Axvoice provides several other amazing features like conference calls, and call blocking that can prove to be most powerful tool for any business organization. You can cut down on unnecessary expenses by availing this facility for your business use. Apart from being cost effective, the Axvoice also assure you proper security measures.

Axvoice VoIP Service

The Axvoice PC to PC call is extremely quick in receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls. You can save your valuable time with several VOIP features such as call return, speed dialing, last number dial, and anonymous call rejection. With all these features, you can stop wasting your time on unwanted things, while working from home or office. This will certainly help you to increase your work efficiency.

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