hey guys!!!!!!!! after viewing almost 40 videos of free calls, i found out the 100 % working way to make ABSOLUTELY FREE PC TO PHONE CALLS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. the procedure consists of 2 simple steps: step 1: download and install voipstunt from here: voip-stunt.en.softonic.com DONT REGISTER YET OR LOGIN WITH YOUR OLD USERNAME!!!!! step 2: for registration, use a 10 minute mail from this website: www.10minutemail.com all the emails provided by this website are free and valid for 10 minutes only. so, fill up any particulars (OR YOURS IF YOU LIKE) at the registration page and remember to use the 10 minute mail id from above site. you get approx 5 minutes of free calls to any landline in your new id. WHEN THOSE FIVE FREE MINUTES GET USED UP, OPEN UP THE REGISTRATION WIZARD AGAIN AND REPEAT STEP 2 TO GET A NEW ACCOUNT. using this technique, u can get unlimited free minutes and you dont need to register for a new email id everytime. YOU DONT NEED THE PREVIOUS ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN DISCARD IT AND MAKE A NEW ONE EVERYTIME. IF YOU LIKE IT PLEASE RATE IT AND SUBSCRIBE ALSO.

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