What is VoIP?

With the advent if the internet which is fondly called the information gateway, it is becoming increasingly easier to automate tasks, cut costs and increase efficiency in each and every organization. Over the years, many new technological advancements that have all bettered the life of many have been invented and most of hem have been very beneficial to. These wonderful technologies all function by reducing the amount of time he would have spent on other projects and increasing man’s proficiency in what he is doing. More than ever before, man can achieve in the shortest possible what time what was hitherto impossible to do in a short period.

For instance, it is very easy to call up business associates anywhere in he world using of the latest inventions of technology often referred to as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). In case you are wondering what VoIP is, it is simply a big name for a small task of making PC to PC calls and PC to phone calls using the internet as a medium.

“How possible is that?” you might ask. Well, it is; with some simple applications and software, all you have to do is input the person’s ID for free PC to PC calls and for PC  to phone calls, you may just spend some amount of money. For example, calls to UK, US and Canada, can be as cheap as 2 cents per minute. Examples of VoIP applications that you would have stumbled on and are probably using over time are Gizmo, and Skype. With these applications loaded up your PC, you can call virtually anywhere in he world as long as other users have it installed on their PCs.

With VoIP, you can easily give your friends your VoIP umber and they can easily call you on it from their land lines and mobile phones. You do not have to worry about being charged for the calls if you are the receiver. Besides your friends will call for far cheaper rates than it would cost to make phone calls to your phone. There are VoIP providers whose major services are to provide the gateway for the transference of all voice calls. They also help install the hardware in your home, office, anywhere you want it to get installed in.

Also using the internet and with the installation of the Analog Telephone Adapter, (ATA), it is very possible to make extremely cheap phone calls whose means of data transfer is via the internet. These information are then sent over the IP networks, converted into data like email and then gets reconverted into the voice mode by the time it reaches the receiver. This sounds like a long process but really is carried out in nanoseconds so you don’t even notice it.

Because VoIP is cheap, it doesn’t make it very low in quality. To install VoIP hardware and software, you need to have broadband speed. Anything short of that internet speed is very likely to cause poor performance. Most VoIP calls are as clear as normal calls if the internet speed is fast.

I connect to Yahoo messenger through a proxy server and am unable to make free pc to pc calls and also not able to go to any chat rooms. the call button is not highlighted and when I try to get into chat line I get a message “signing in to Yahoo chat took longer than expected”. I am in a serious trouble.

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It doesnt work anymore and I cant send or recieve calls it seems it cant connect to voice server why is that so?

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It is a fact that all VOIP services work out much cheaper than traditional phone line connections. Many people wonder how then to choose cheap VOIP providers. Customers are happy as VOIP services have reduced their monthly phone bill by almost 50% and voice clarity has improved significantly with less complaints of calls fading out or getting disconnected. Service providers are today providing refined service.
Many people want to save more by opting for a reliable, trustworthy VOIP provider who does not compromise on the quality of the calls and service in spite of charging low.
Guidelines to Help You to Learn How to Choose Cheap VOIP Providers
There are times when every penny saved goes a long way, so if you are looking for tips on how to choose cheap VOIP providers, here are a few:
- Compare the various price ranges by various trustworthy providers, taking into account if any activation and termination fee are included.
- Learn what services they offer and whether you get unlimited free calls within a certain geographic location or if they are giving any complimentary offers such as no fee for the first month etc.
- Learn if they offer e911 service and find out if you can integrate the service with an existing phone line.
- Do not opt for services that need entirely new phone systems as you are concerned about saving money.
- Check online if there are any complaints against the service provider and read any reviews available about their service, quality of their call etc.
- Try using their service at a friends, relatives or neighbors house etc.
- Skype, yahoo and Gizmo Call etc. offer free PC-to-PC calls. Gizmo Call especially is extremely easy to use and absolutely free without users requiring to register, or download software.
To decide which VOIP service you would like to subscribe to, you should look at your requirements. If you want to make a lot of overseas calls, then a package that offers cheap international calls will make sense. If you receive most of your calls from a specific city, get a package that offers a specific phone number that allows people to call you at that local rate.
When you have done your research and have analyzed all factors, you have found out how to choose cheap VOIP providers who offer the maximum services at the minimum of rates and helps you save considerably on your phone bills.

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