How to Place Free VOIP Phone Calls

Sorry for bad video but it is worth it. See next video for more fun How To Place Free Outgoing VOIP Calls Once you have one downloaded install it and sign up for an account Use fake info like a fake name, make up a username and password, for the email you can use a fake Only fill out what is in RED. DO NOT fill out anything else Once the account is made you will have about 15 to 20 minutes of free call time When that runs out log out and resign back up with fake info. Repeat the Process. When Dialing make sure to dial like this +19084223671 The +1 is the country calling code. the 908 is the area code and the last 7 are the phone number. VOIP Programs to use: 12Voip actionvoip jumblo BudgetSIP Calleasy DialNow FreeCall InternetCalls Intervoip JustVoip LowRateVoip NetAppel Nonoh Poivy SIPDiscount SmartVoiP SMSdiscount SmsListo SparVoip Telbo Text4Calls VoipBuster VoipBusterPro VoipCheap VoipDiscount Voiphit VoipRaider VoipStunt VoipWise VoipZoom WebCallDirect

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Hello katybug,
Thanks for your reply. But using Skype we need to pay money for landline calls. I am looking for phone-to-phone free calling service using VoIP. Is Ipvani is ok for this. If go with Vonage monthly charges are there. Please let me know on this, Once again thanks for your resply


We never use our house phone line, but we keep it because there’s a call box to our building and when people want to be let in, the call box calls us and we hit ’9′ to let visitors in. The call box will work with a VOIP service, but we don’t want to pay a monthly fee more than a few bucks. So, we want to replace our service with VOIP, but it has to be reliable (and easy to set up) enough to ensure we’ll always know when someone is at our gate. Thanks!

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Cheap VoIP Phone Recommendation?

Hi guys,

I’m looking for an inexpensive corded VoIP phone for my home office that supports SIP. I’ve been using an old Cisco 7905G with SIP firmware but I’m concerned about security considering that it’s REAAALLLY old and has been unsupported for several years.

I don’t need anything fancy. Just a standard 1/2 line corded phone with basic features (hold, transfer, conference, etc). Ideally, I’d like to spend 50-60 bucks at most. Used equipment is OK.

Any recommendations?

Thanks for your time and patience.


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