Have you ever tried calling overseas with your landline? Did you see how much your bills increased by the end of the month? Did you ever wonder how the phone rate got so high that you had to literally had to call up the phone company to ensure that they did not send you the wrong bill? Well, it is because the rates for phone calls particularly international calls are pretty steep. However, there are even ways you can call anyone overseas for pennies …. Far less than it would cost you to make the common, everyday calls.

With the invention of VoIP applications like Skype and Gizmo, you can easily make PC to phone calls for far lesser costs. Besides making PC to phone calls, you can also send and receive text messages while using the applications. These applications are all free and cost you nothing except the small amount of money required to buy the calling credits. As for PC to PC calls, that is very free. There is no charge for all those. The only things you need are the computer and an internet connection. These are the only things that will help you get the best out of your PC to phone experience.

In most PC to phone applications such as Skype, you can easily type the person’s number, make the call, receive calls, and leave messages. Redirect messages to your phones in case you are not online at the point in time that your friends call you and the rate would still be the same. So, why would you want to spend time and some financial capital on using PC to phone applications?

1.    Save Costs. These days, every dime matters and making most of your calls from your PC to phone will help reduce costs. Most of these applications hardly charge anything except for when you want to make some calls. For instance a $10 bought and loaded on Skype can last for longer than 2 weeks if you are making calls consistently from your PC to phones. So, you do not have to go spending tons of cash on paying monthly phone bills when you can use it for some other important things too.
2.    less emotional stress at the end of the month. It has been hypothesized that people are under a lot more stress at the end of the month than during the month. This is particularly when they have a lot of bills to pay. Imagine having one less bill to pay. Imagine having to pay far less than you would have paid at the end of the month normally. This is why it is best to get the PC to phone applications. However, have the phone on standby just in case you have some problems with your internet connection.
3.    Long distance calls are less expensive. You do not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money on a monthly basis if you can really cut back on making all those international calls using your landlines.

iPhone FriendCaller – How to call your friends

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iPhone FriendCaller – How to chat with your friends

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i already have a sip account from voipstunt,skypeout and actionvoip but i dont know how to use that to make a call on my friends mobile.
Can i use my calling credits to any voip provider?

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