VoIP phone systems or Voice over Internet Protocol is the most technically advanced phone systems available. Instead of using traditional phone lines, calls are processed over a computer network. PC to PC telephony is much cheaper than traditional phone line calls, and the audio quality of the VoIP calls have improved tremendously in recent years.

Getting a VoIP phone system is now cheap and easy. You can compare offers from many VoIP providers online and get one that suits your needs.

Components of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP at its simplest form consists of a regular phone connection, an adapter, broadband internet connection and a subscription to a VoIP service provider. Calls made are translated as data over the internet until they reach some point near their destination where they are converted into a regular call format that is carried by traditional phone lines. This has helped subscribers immensely as the costs of long-distance and international calls have been declined dramatically.

Many businesses have resorted to using VoIP phone systems to route internal calls over their computer network, being able to link their offices that are to be found in any remote corner of the world, eliminating long distance call rates.

How Does It Work?

As calls are translated into data and carried over the internet and then re-converted into audio formats certain devices are necessary to process call such as a call management system such as an IP PBX or internet protocol private branch exchange, a phone connection, intranet or computer network. The device ensures that calls within the offices are carried over the network where as calls outside the office, are routed to regular public telephone network. Most VoIP phone systems are designed over a web interface that is managed by an administrator. Seamless call transfers, extension dialing, plus the fact that all offices can share a receptionist make VoIP phone systems very popular.

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VoIP phone systems also have features such as a common auto-attendant, voice mail system, caller ID and call forwarding etc. VoIP phone systems have certain limitations owing to network requirements; they may require constant monitoring and may require frequent updates and upgrades. Another limitation is the possibilities of power outages or server crashes. It is one of the reasons why most firms have a mix of digital phones and VoIP phone systems.

The fact that millions of dollars can be saved by using VoIP phone systems has made them an invaluable asset to firms with offices in different corners of the world. Selecting the right VoIP phone system as well as selecting the right reseller who is authorized by the manufacturer is one criterion that has to be considered while shopping for VoIP phone systems.

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