All thanks to the internet and  its inventors, it is finally possible to make long distance calls for just pennies a minute,. This is as a result of the increasing rate of VoIP call service provider all over the globe. These companies help provide internet telephony services to each and every individual so you can make free PC to PC phone calls and very cheap PC to phone and phone to PC calls. With all the bells and whistles accompanying most VoIP providers, there are still quite a few disadvantages. These are

1.    It is Dependent on the Internet. Unlike the normal phone networks where you could very easily communicate whether the internet connection is down or not, you cannot talk when the internet connection is down. So, it is usually advisable that you have a phone handy just in case the connection is no longer working. This does not mean that it is a common occurrence but as long as the internet still has downtime, it is always better to have the phone. Hopefully, we will someday have 100% internet uptime.
2.    911 cannot Identify Your Location: In these days where you have to be wary as anything can happen, you should have the 911 available for speed dial. Unlike most PSTN services, VoIP cannot allow the police to immediately identify your location. So, you would have to manually configure this so that you can be easily located otherwise, you will make the call but before your location can be ascertained, it might be just too late. So as soon as you get a VoIP service installed, be sure to configure it so your location can be quickly traced in case you cannot talk at hat point in time.
3.    You just might need to install more hardware. Well, I am sure you are asking why. Well, this is only necessary for companies with all the computers connected to the internet at the same time. When all computer users in a company are using the internet at the same time, VoIP quality often tends to become lower than the normal. To really scale over this challenge as you cannot stop workers from accessing the internet, you could easily install an Ethernet. This will help maintain the VoIP quality even when there is very heavy load on it over time.
4.    VoIP Quality. Like it or not, sometimes, your voice quality can suffer. In spite of all the attendant benefits of using a VoIP service, the audio quality can really suffer at times. This should not be a source of worry at any time as the internet is bound to have problems sometimes. When it does, the quality is bound to reduce. It is nothing different from the normal downtime that even the phone service providers occasionally experience. Once the internet is sorted out, the calls can then start going through again with better clarity and speed.

Whenever any of these develop, you can be sure that solving it quickly will be your best bet and will get the calls going very quickly.

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