When people refer to the various VoIP software they may be referring to many different packages such as VoIP PBX, Software phones, Gateways, Gatekeepers and software development libraries etc.


There are many VoIP PBX systems such as Asterisk, Free Switch, Gnu Bayonne, Open PBX, 2N NETSTAR Communication system, 2N Omega IP PBX: VoIP PBX system, 2N VoiceBlue Enterprise: Simple VoIP SIP PBX, 3Com, 3CX Phone System, Active Telecom, Advoco NetPBX, ATcom, CallButler, Call Center Technology, Cameronet, CenIP, Converge, Pandora Networks, Partysip, Patton SIPxNANO, pbxnsip, PBXpress, Pingtel, Power Systems, RadiusCat RADIUS Billing Software, etc.

Asterisk is Linux based software that can VoIP over three protocols. It can integrate with any telephone system using inexpensive hardware. It provides services such as voicemail, directory services, caller ID, 3-way calling, call queuing, interactive voice response, call conferencing etc. it uses the Inter-Asterisk eXchange to merge voice and data seamlessly across various networks.

Free Switch is written in C that makes it easy to build an open source PBX system. Gnu Bayonne uses hardware from Voicetronix, Dialogic, Aculab, CAPI drivers, and Quicklink drivers supports IVR scripting. Open PBX is a Linux based open Source Private Branch Exchange System. This type is one of the various VoIP software found.

Software Phones

There are many free software phones available such as voice only and voice and video. There are USB phone sets that can be used with software phones too. some of the available soft phones are AdoreSoftphone, ArrowPhone H.323, 3CX VoIP Phone, ActXPhone, AdoreInfotech Customizable, Advanced Dialer H.323, AGEphone, Articulation, Belco Softphone, BOL, BonePhone, broad-tel.com MP3 softphone, CornfedSIPUA, Corraleta Technology,CounterPath, CPhone: H.323 Multi-platform, Cubix, Dialexia, Diamondcard.us, Ekiga: SIP, H.323 audio and video softphone, ENUM RTC Softphone Windows Softphone with ENUM support, Ephone etc.


isdnh323 is Linux based gateway software that permits ISDN and H.323 users to establish connections. ISDN users can call H.323users directly. It supports 3 H.323 codecs and offers a least cost router. PSTNGw is a H.323 to PSTN gateway. The SIP Residential Gateway enables users to make calls between SIP and PSTN users. This is another example of the various VoIP software in the market.


The OpenH323 Gatekeeper is a H.323 gatekeeper that can form a free VoIP system. It supports Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris based systems. OpenGatekeeper supports H.323 gatekeeper functions and supports Linux, FreeBSD and Win32 platforms.

VoIP Software Development Libraries

Yate supports VoIP and PSTN; it can easily unify voice, and video, data and instant messaging to maximize effeciency and significantly reduce costs. It is used to build VoIP server, IVR engine, Call center server, SIP router, SIP registration server, VoIP to PSTN gateway, PC-to-Phone and Phone-to-PC gateway, H.323 gatekeeper, H.323 multiple endpoint server etc. PJSIP is extremely portable, with great power savings and many other attractive features.

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