The reason VoIP solutions are so popular is that they are extremely cost-effective drastically reducing the monthly phone bill as well as being extremely affordable. Many people have heard of the VoIP services and want to subscribe to a VoIP service provider but do not know what to look for in VoIP solution. This article provides tips on what to look for in VoIP solution.

You can get VoIP solution with cheap price by comparing offers from different VoIP provides online.

Things to Consider While Selecting A VoIP Solution

- Determine if you need a software based VoIP solution or a hardware based solution.

- Some services offer both software and hardware solutions. Many people prefer hardware based solutions as they work with an existing telephone system. Vonage and Earthlink offer hardware based VoIP solutions while Yahoo and Google offer software based services. Skype and Glophone offer both kinds of solutions. You may also add soft phones to existing hardware VoIP solutions. So select the kind of VoIP solution that you like.

- Determine if you will go for a cable, satellite or independent VoIP service provider. Compare the rates, the features and services offered. It definitely will work out cheaper than a traditional phone line but there is a considerable difference among the various categories, so compare prices and their features, the activation charges, routers that may be needed, the broadband connection charges etc.

- Look out for a VoIP solution that offers a virtual number. Opt for a virtual number as it gives you freedom, you are not bound by any geographic area code. You may choose to get a NYC number even though you are in Los Angeles and make “local” calls to your friends in NYC.

- If your broadband connection is a DSL connection you may be forced to buy a VoIP solution that they offer which is not one of your choice.

- Many VoIP solutions offer services such as Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID Block, Call Rejection, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Redial, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Directory Assistance, Emergency Calling Service, and Speed Dial.

- Look out for VoIP solutions that offer portability. Those that allow you to carry the adaptor anywhere around the world will be a boon to frequent business travelers.

- Make sure both the VoIP solution as well as the broadband are reliable as outages may not make your VoIP experience as optimal as they should be.

- Look out for a firm that has excellent customer support 24/7 as well as one that helps you with installation and upgrading etc.

- Look out for VoIP solution providers that offer services such as e911 and 411.

For those who wonder what to look for in VoIP solution, a piece of advice is to be sure you watch out for firms that offer multiple lines, handsets and sufficient bandwidth. These are the tips on offer for what to look for in VoIP solution.

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